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Frequently Asked Questions

What styles of printing do you offer and what is the difference?

1. Vinyl - Vinyl printing uses a material that your design gets cut out of and then YuCreate transfers that design onto tshirts, hoodies, mugs and more! In simple terms vinyl is like a big permanent sticker that gets applied to your item of choice. YuCreate cannot do intricate design work with vinyl, we are very limited to text or silhouette type images.

Though the vinyl is permanent I do find that it will wear and tear eventually over time, but with proper care, you'll see a proper life span. 

2. Sublimation - Sublimation printing is a digital printing technique that consists of 'cooking' the image onto the product; cleanly transferring a design onto the solid material or fabric using ink and heat. This process makes the design completely permanent and you cannot feel the design on the item, its completely embedded into it. YuCreate can print almost ANY image, as intricate as you like, even family photos. 

The downside to sublimation is that it requires special items to be used, so if an item is NOT marked for sublimation, then YuCreate likely cannot do it. It also requires LIGHT colored apparel ONLY, images cannot go on DARK color apparel (ie black, dark greys, dark blues, etc).

3. Hand Painted - Hand Painted is exactly what it sounds like - painted by hand, by YuCreate, with love! Clear coating is applied to most products. 

4. Limited Prints - Screen printed designs that are pre-printed and non-changeable, limited in quantities and sizes, but can be applied on most apparel items in our shop. 

How do I navigate the available designs and choose what is best for me? 


1. Limited Prints can be found under products because once they are gone, they are gone! These are the specialty designs that cannot be altered, redesigned or duplicated (unless we have more).

2. In our Gallery you will find our printable designs that can be used unlimited times, on vinyl or sublimation use products, but please make sure that you dont select a sublimation design for a vinyl only product.

Can any design be printed on any item? 
Every product we bring in, has the capacity to be customized in some way, whether by you choosing the design from our website, or submitting an image to print. 

Not all items can be printed in the same technique, but all items can be printed on. We have tried to label all the items with the technique that can be used on that specific item.

If you are confused, just send us an email and we'd be happy to help! Chances are, we can assist!

Do you Deliver? 

Local Pick-up


Local Delivery

$5.00 Delivery Fee within city limits, outside of city limits will need to be pickup, or mailed via post. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Canadian Shipping

Shipping to anywhere in Canada - Canada Post rates - will vary with size of your order. TBD.

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